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Hi I’m Steve a licensed physical therapist with 24Hr Homecare. I’m here with Polly and we’re going to go over some exercise moves to combat low back pain. Polly is going to start out on her hands and knees, she’s going to do an exercise called cat cow. She’s going to start by rounding her back up by tucking her chin into her chest hold for 5 seconds and she’s going to arch her back up look up towards the ceiling. She’s going to repeat this process for about 5 repetitions as long as there is no pain.

From here she’s going to go into childs pose, she’s going to sit on her heels have her arms nice and extended and she’s just going to ease into this stretch. Now she’s going to hold this stretch for about 30 seconds to a minute depending on her comfort level and how much of a stretch she actually needs. From here we’re going to go into the cobra pose. So Polly is going to lie flat on her tummy, she’s going to put her weight through her wrist and her elbows and she’s going to arch her back up as high as she can. Squeezing her shoulder blades together and then she’s going to lower herself back down.

So she’s going to actually hold the stretch for about 20 to 30 seconds and she’s going to repeat about 3 times. Arch back up. Now make sure you’re not having any pain while doing this, if you are then just modify the movement, don’t go quite as high or just discontinue the movement all together. For anymore exercise videos please visit our website at

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